Use the form below to select an available date for your trip and provide required details such as group size, mode of transport and whether you will have a full day or only half a day available for an immersion Tokaj wine trip. You may also want to select the start time for a half-day trip, choose your place of stay in the region (if any and listed), and indicate your knowledge about wine and Tokaj. Then you only need to add your contact details and click Book now for a no-obligation reservation.

When you have booked a trip, you will be sent my Tokaj Trip Menu Card which is a smorgasboard of proposed trip modules you can choose from, as well as all other details, including a proposed pick-up point and an estimate of expected costs. Alternatively, you can simply leave it to me to select the itinerary items based on your time available, wine knowledge and familiarity with Tokaj.

Your booking will only become binding when all details have been agreed and confirmed in writing. Please note that the day fee/half-day fee is charged per group and not per person, and is payable on completion of the trip.

The trip fee includes organisation, guidance, interpreting, my thorough Tokaj tutorial, driving your hired car or transport in a minibus within the Tokaj region, arrangement of transport to/from the Tokaj region, and assistance in booking accommodation in Budapest and/or the Tokaj region. The fee excludes the costs of tastings, meals, accommodation and transport to/from the Tokaj region.

If you do not like or have no time to use this online booking form, feel free to call me on + or email me directly at